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Untie Me

Two people stand opposite each other and both are linked with a rope that is tied at the wrists. They have to come loose without taking the rope from their wrists.

Marble run

Delegates stand in a line each holding a 30 cm channel iron. One person must feed marbles from a fixed point and the marbles must be channeled on the channel iron without dropping any of the marbles. The marbles must go into a bucket a few paces away. They must get as many marbles into the bucket in a given time.


Delegates have to fill a 1 m pvc pipe full of holes with water. Each team gets a bucket to fill the pipe. At the bottom of the pipe is a ping pong ball. They must now close the holes with everything they can, like fingers, hands, toes, and fill the pipe until the ball comes out. The pipe must be in an upright position.

Traffic Jam

Only works for groups with even numbers. Two group stands in a line facing each other. Each one stands in a hoola hoop. In the middle is an open hoola hoop. The two teams must pass each other so that the one team stands in the hoola hoops of the other team. Certain rules apply.

Tug of War

Best out of three tugs is the winner

Rope work

Teams must each hold onto a rope and by instruction of a co-member build certain figures, such as a square, circle, figure 8, tri angle etc. No one is allowed to shift their hands on the rope. It can be done blindfolded also – planning, trust, communication, listening skills. It also includes rope set up like a spider’s web. Members must go from one side to the other side, through holes without touching the rope. Members have to pick up some members and pass them on through the holes. When a hole is used, it is closed.

Tube Juggle

Tubes must be shifted amongst three markers. Tubes lie on top of each other at the starting point and is marked from 1 at the top to 5 at the bottom. The tubes must all end up at the third marker in the same order. A bigger number can’t lie on top of a lesser number.

Human Knot

Members stand in a circle. They hold hands on both sides. The right arm is over the left arm. They have to end up still holding hands but now the arms must be uncrossed.

Toxic Waste

Use ropes to throw a bucket filled with mealies into another empty bucket. No one is allowed to enter the circle around the bucket

Toxic Dump

Members have to build a bridge from one side to the other side of the toxic area. They only have planks and bricks. If someone touches the area, that person is out.

River Bank

All members stand on one side of a rope which forms the bank. The other side of the rope is a “river”. The facilitator calls either river or bank. If a member jumps to the wrong side, he or she is out. It carries on until one member is left – The Champion

Nail Challenge

Delegates have to balance 16 nails on top of an upright nail fixed in wood

Paintball Target Shoot

Teams shoot at a target like a dart board. The bullets are valcro balls that stick to the target

Blindfolded Minefield

Delegates are blindfolded and must walk through a minefield (mines are plastic cones). They have to avoid mines and pick up objects of which some are “booby-trapped” They have a coach giving directions

Suck and Blow

A 24 cm pvc pipe is used to suck up a ping pong ball from a bucket, the team member must run to another bucket a distance away and release the ball in the bucket. If it falls off on the way the ball is wasted. A certain amount of balls must be transferred in a certain time.

Balloon Popping

Each team receives a certain amount of blown up balloons. They take part in pairs. One partner must run around a marker to the other partner and put the balloon between their bodies at different places and by applying pressure they must burst the balloon. It is done against time.

Ha ka so

Everyone stands in a circle, we got three hand commands , each one of the command the hand points in a different direction, and the next person must follow. If u do a wrong command or hesitate, you fall out of the circle. Delegates have to repeat each command loud and indicate with the hand. If you fall out of the circle, you must run around the circle screaming Ha ka so, to confuse the others.


Sing along song, facilitator tells what movements to do and what to sing.